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Soft Skill Training Programme
Radiant School of English & IT is the place to experience learning that goes beyond traditional teaching.
All students of Radiant School of English & IT will receive formal certificates of achievement after both written & verbal evaluations and assessments. Assessments are based on class participation, regular class work, homework and final test.
Mastering soft skills is the most effective way to advance your career. Let us help you enroll today in a dynamic and affordable soft skills course taught by Mr Satyajit Mishra.
Recent studies have revealed that as many as 75% to 90% of graduates in India are not employable in the professional job market because, they lack soft skills.
In today’s competitive environment, we all know that it is not enough to be the best in our field, intellectually. Competency is only half of what we need to climb the corporate ladder. The other half, the most important aspect in today’s times, is the softer side of you. In other words the soft skills you possess that define your personality, the part of you that will be liked, admired, trusted and remembered. In short, hard skills will get you the interview, but soft skills will get you the job.
Having technical or hard skills is essential to get and hold a job. Hard skills allow you to do the “technical stuff” your job demands. Soft skills allow you to do everything else that comes with a job.
  • Manage yourself, your work, and your time.
  • Communicate effectively with your boss, team, and peers.
  • Define and build your character, be trusted and remembered
Soft skills complete and define your hard skills which get you noticed and appreciated. This drives ADVANCEMENT and SUCCESS.
There are many situations where the hard skills are learned on the job. If you are looking for your first job and do not have any particular set of hard skills, then improving your soft skills will make you much more employable. Having good soft skills will make you stand out, giving you the advantage when applying for jobs.
Soft skills are also known as Emotional Intelligence. The technical definition is the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationships with other people. A person with good soft skills has the ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess, manage and control the emotions of their own self, of others, and of groups.
  • Our body language and the way we hold ourselves
  • Our mannerisms
  • Our appearance and the way we dress
  • The way we speak
  • The way we listen
  • The way we write
  • The way others perceive our message
  • Our social and professional etiquette and ethics
  • Our rapport with people
  • Our personal hygiene
  • Our ability to lead or to follow as the situation demands
  • Our ability to work in teams and groups
  • The way we use our phones and other technologies
  • Our enthusiasm and commitment
  • The way we manage our time
  • The way we define and solve problems
  • The way we deal with stress and conflict
Soft skills are what we show the world of ourselves, they are everything about us that is not a technical or hard skill. People form their opinions and impressions of us mainly based on our soft skills. Soft skills are the driving force behind the way we work. When these skills are honed great employees, leaders, and companies thrive.
You have good soft skills if you have the job you want and your career is advancing. If not, be honest with yourself and take the time to learn how soft skills can help you. India’s economy is growing rapidly. A good job and career are yours to lose. Make sure your soft skills are working for you, not against you.
Good soft skills help you get better jobs, promotions, respect and responsibility in the professional arena. Having good soft skills will make you stand out, giving you the advantages when applying for jobs and being chosen for promotions.
Good soft skills allow individuals to practice confidence and self-empowerment, thus enabling achievement and advancement. Good soft skills turn ordinary work into extraordinary work. Employees today need to be adaptable, and ready to make thoughtful decisions on their own and with others at any given point. They need to be good problem solvers and so, they can make reliable and careful decisions.
Studies show that there is a serious lack of soft skills in India. Today, this leads to the inability of young people to get the jobs and promotions that they want and have the technical skills for. Earn a certificate in soft skills from Radiant School of English & IT and take charge of your career, advance, and succeed using good soft skills.
Soft Skills Training Programms
In modern day recruitment procedures, group discussions are widely used to gauge the critical aptitude of the candidates. GDs are also useful in bringing to the fore leadership and communication skills of a person. The module of GD involves several layers of training into effective GD skills- ranging from approaching a topic of discussing to constructing an argument. Exercises and activities envisioned in the module are such that the learning becomes embedded in the learner and lead to the desirable personality traits suitable for GD.
Sl. No. The Topics Covered Are:
1 Introduction & Defination of a G.D.
2 Purpose of a G.D.
3 Types of G.D.
4 Strategies in a G.D.
5 Case Study
6 Attitude Management
7 Conflict Management
Duration : 1 Months/ 3 Days a Week/ 2 Hrs. per Day
Eligibility : School Level & Above
Certification By: Radiant School of English & IT.
Sl. No. The Topics Covered Are:
1 What is Interview?
2 Types of Interview
3 Entering the Room
4 Dress Code for an Interview
5 Eye Contact
6 Do's & Don'ts of Interview
7 Preparation for An Interview
8 "Resume" packaging
Duration : 1 Months/ 3 Days a Week/ 2 Hrs. per Day
Eligibility : School Level & Above
Public speaking is an integral part of those who lead public life. It is an unavoidable duty and inexpressible joy for those who represent the very best of their respective domain of work. The module on public speaking introduces the learners to the core conceptual aspects of making a speech in front of an audience about which very little predictions can go right. Activities and exercises dealing with cultivating the ability to appeal to the masses and the finesse to convey the most complex of ideas in the module. The module also introduces the learners to some of the finest of public speakers in order to learn from the practitioners and draw the theory from therein.
Most of us tend to believe that what we think is conveyed through the words which we write and speak. But we also communicate through our gestures and movements. However, we are not so conscious so we do not use the right gestures and end up mis-communicating. Hence, the module on body language trains the learner into the various ways in which a certain way of standing or hand movements convey certain specific things and how one should be conscious about it. The module also inculcates the right body movement through exercise and activities designed through the benchmarks of body language training set across the world.
E-Mail Etiquettes
As with any form of communication, there are certain rules of behavior which should be considered when using email. Once you send an email message which may be personal or official, you cannot take it back or make it disappear. Email is written communication, but it does not have the formality of earlier written forms. It has a much more immediate, less formal feel than paper, pen, and stamp mail. Email is also essentially one - way communication. There is no immediate feedback and interaction. Also, written communication by definition allows far fewer context clues to its meaning as face - to -face and telephone conversation. Therefore email ethics and rules must be carefully considered so that it is not misunderstood by the recipient and this is what the Email etiquette course is all about.
Sl. No. The Topics Covered Are:
1 General Etiquette
2 Sending Effective messages
3 From & Tone of Messages
4 Responding to Messages
5 Organizing Messages
6 Writing Simple and Short Messages
7 Using Bullets & List
8 Using Expressions that Create Impressions
Duration : 1 Months/ 3 Days a Week/ 2 Hrs. per Day
Eligibility : School Level & Above
Certification By: Radiant School of English & IT.
Personality Development
It has been noticed that even after getting good education people find themselves lacking somewhere when it comes to their own personality. They feel difficulties in facing public. Now days every organization wants to have multi talented man power, so we need to develop ourselves at all the level. You may be asked to deliver presentations to clients, speak at board meetings or conferences or address your colleagues in a group. The success or failure of your public speaking skills affects you and your organization. Our personality development training helps you to overcome all these difficulties and speak with confidence before huge audience.
Sl. No. The Topics Covered Are:
1 Social Etiquette
2 Power of Dressing
3 Business Etiquette
4 Body language
5 Effective Communication
6 Presentation (Do and Don'ts)
7 How to Face Criticism
8 Facing Interview
9 Dinning Etiquette
Duration : 1 Months/ 3 Days a Week/ 2 Hrs. per Day
Eligibility : School Level & Above
Certification By: Radiant  School of English & IT.
All individual and organizational success springs from the precision and clarity pertaining to the goals. The better the definition of your goals, the better are your chances of reaching close to them. This module has been designed to train you into the process of goal setting. The training will involve the stages of goal setting and study of the case studies of the way great individual and organizations did goal setting for them. The learners will be trained in terms in individual and organizational capacities. The module is a complete training of goal setting through activity based learning, marked and defined by advanced technological tools and process.
Leadership is the most sought after skill-set today as it is so rare to find and as it can transform the face and fabric of an organization. Leadership skills are always already present in a person and it is always a question of bringing them to the fore. The module is made of possible scenarios in which learners are placed in which their leadership skills are tested. The learners are then introduced to similar situations in history when truly gifted leaders led with their ingenious leadership skills. The module trains the learners in holistic understanding of organizational aspirations and ways of accomplishing collective and individual success.
Not great talent or great hard work, but a great attitude enables one for great achievements. Positive Attitude is the key to solving problems, to overcoming obstacles and creating new pathways to success. It is of critical importance also because it is an integral part of harmonious interpersonal scenarios in an organization. The module trains the learners on the crucial aspects of evolving the right kind of attitude regarding a given situation or event. They would be placed into possible scenarios which test the positive attitude of a person and benefits one can reap of the same. The module charts the growth stories of people placed in apparently adverse circumstances and the way they created success stories out of the same with the strength of positive attitude.
Motivation is the key to the way people contribute to a cause or an organization. If motivation levels dip, the best of individuals touch a new low in terms of their contribution. Similarly, if motivation is provided properly, the average organizations scale new heights of achievement. The module deals with the salient dimensions of individual and organizational motivation. It is also explores the methods and means of motivation. The learners will be introduced to the precedents of individuals and organizations who surmounted the seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Simulation of motivation centric scenario forms the essence of the module and its various activities.
Social Communication is deemed to be of two types formal and informal. Social communication takes place when an organization or company organizes ways to communicate their plan or idea regarding their plans. It is to make the employees informed about their plan in casual way. The module introduces ways in which the people who make the company communicate among themselves not through the routine official channel but in a more informal manner using the social media at times. The module trains the learners in these ways of communication in which they need to alter the way of conveying from strictly formal to a rather informal manner depending upon the occasion. The learner learns through video/audios involving social communication. There are activities in the module which give them the scope to learn it through experience.
This training module comes across as a complete solution provider to the trainees in terms of working in a call centre. It helps the trainees acquire comprehensive training in communication skills with a special emphasis on reducing MTI (Mother Tongue Influence) and acquiring the Accent Neutralization. It also provides them with incisive insights into grammar, telephone etiquettes, customer services and call centre culture as a whole. It contains a lot of activities, specifically designed for call centre training, like role play, extempore, group discussion, call centre simulation and success stories. This module discusses, in detail, various aspect of phonetics. It provides the trainees with the general idea about the important computer functions of MS-word, MS-Excel and Power Point. Some important topics of grammar are also included in this module, such as parts of speech, active passive voice, conjunctions and subject verb agreement. It also contains the basic information about call centre, job opportunities.
Sl. No. The Topics Covered Are:
1 Basic Idea of Call Center, it's Technical Aspects, Infrastructure and Opportunities
2 Basic Grammar
3 Activity Classes with Current Affairs and Voice Recording of Students to develop netural accent.
4 Accent Training to Rectify MTI Problems
5 Voice Modulation, Listing Skill, and Audio Conversation.
6 Telephonic Skills and Etiquette
7 Business English
8 Basic Computer Operation
9 Grooming
10  Mock Interview and Workshop Session
Duration : 3 Months/ 3 Days a Week/ 2 Hrs. per Day
Eligibility : Matric & +2 with Fluency in English
Certification By: Radiant School of English & IT.
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