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Our Methodology
  •   Address individual needs of students.
  •   Teach structure through functional situations.
  •   Encourage creative use of language.
  •   Teach useful structures rather than just words.
  •   Use target language only.
Soft skills are essential to your career. If you are not getting the job or promotion you want, it is probably due to poor soft skills. Enroll in one of our courses now, it is the most effective way to learn excellent soft skills and advance your career.
Aiming your employees with excellent soft skills is essential to advance in your business. Improved soft skills lead to increased productivity, higher client satisfaction, greater employee retention, and profit maximization.
We combine information-packed classes with action based lessons to make learning soft skills easy and enjoyable. In addition to lectures, reading and writing exercises, and video clips, students will engage in role play, and performance oriented activities, designed to help students learn and retain good soft skills.
Rules & Regulations
  •   The organization reserves its right to admit students.
  •   The money is valid for 4 months from the date of admission.
  •   The course fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable.
  •   Cheque is accepted for paying fee.
  •   Rs. 300/- extra to avail the installment facility.
  •   The students are expected to cover the course along with the batch allotted. Transfer from one batch to another is not allowed because of disturbance in training.
  •   If the student remains absent for more than 15 days without prior permission, he/ she will have to pay Rs. 300/- as re-admission fee otherwise he/she will be debarred from attending classes.
  •   Non-payment or delay in the payment of fee may lead to cancellation of admission.
  •   Trainees are prohibited to talk in local dialect while they are in the premises of Radiant.
  •   Extra fee Rs. 30/- - charged for duplicate identity card.
  •   If any Ex-Radiantian wants to repeat or continue or wishes to have additional GD. Audio Visual classes, Lab facility etc, will have to pay Rs. 120/- monthly in advance.
Class Room Ethics
  •   As the entire premises are a non-tobacco, non- alcohol zone, it’s everybody’s duty to keep it clean and maintain the sanctity. Smoking and chewing gum is not allowed in the premises.
  •   Then students are expected to maintain punctuality and sincerity in attending classes. 100% Attendance is to be maintained.
  •   Parents, relatives or friends of the trainees are not permitted to enter the training room.
  •   Mobile phones are to be kept in silent mode in the training room & the computer lab.
  •   Students should be properly dressed and maintain professionalism inside the office as well as training room.
  •   It is advised not to carry any costly materials or wear costly jewellery. The institute won’t be responsible for any kind of loss.
  •   The students have to maintain proper decorum inside the training room and office, any kind of misconduct, eve teasing or violation of instruction given will be taken as serious offence
  •            which will be deemed fit to be sufficient reason for immediate termination.
  •   During class, nobody is allowed to come out for any purpose.
  •   Computer lab is a silent zone. It is to be maintained strictly in all cases. The decision of lab in charge is final.
  •   Every student is allotted a system and will be accountable for any kind of damage.
  •   Taking of water/ tea is strictly prohibited inside the computer lab. It is recommended that students should avail extra machine time by booking in advance subject to availability.
  •   The duration of computer lab participation is one hour.
  •   Every student of the institute is issued an identity card at the time of admission. Students must always carry & show the identity card to the office bearer daily before entering the institute
  •            to attend classes.
  •   Loss of ID card must be immediately reported to the office in writing to issue a new Identity card.
  •   The institute gives immense importance to regularity in attending classes. Students must attend 32 classes out of 36 to qualify for appearing in the final examination & award of certificates.
  •            Students are encouraged to complete the whole course without any break. However a break is permitted for health ground and exam purpose. Students, who take a break of more than one
  •            session without prior permission of the director, will not to be permitted to rejoin the course.
  •   Students are requested to dress in a decent manner befitting the sanctifying atmosphere of the institute. Shirt/ T-shirt with writing or picture on them are not allowed.
  •   Courses are carefully designed to ensure that students get maximum opportunity to develop confidence. There are Morning, Afternoon, Evening classes. One can attend full or part time. Certificate is awarded to every student who successfully completes the course of studies.
  •   Class are held thrice a week
  •   MWF: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  •   TTS: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
  •   Morning Batch : 9.00 A.M to 11.00 A.M
  •   Day Batch : 11.00 A.M to 1.00 P.M
  •   Afternoon Batch: 3.30 P.M to 5.30 P.M
  •   Evening Batch : 5.30 P.M to 7.30 P.M
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